5 Trendy Sherman Oaks Restaurants (Quick Service Restaurants Included)



Blu Jam Café (Breakfast Restaurant)


Image credit: www.blujamcafe.com

One of the most popular and best restaurants in Sherman Oaks, Blu Jam Café is an all-day breakfast restaurant, which is known for providing the most memorable & unique breakfast experience.

It has a legion of faithful customers who are immensely fond of the savory food served here, showing up regularly for feasting on the plethora of scrumptious options (breakfast & lunch) that are part of the Blu Jam menu.

Whether it be the restaurant’s signature dish - the mouthwatering Crunchy French Toast, the trio of luscious Eggs Benedict variations or the varying of other diverse breakfast food options like the Brunch Burger, Salmon Hash, Steak Hash, Brunch Carbonara and more, all of them scream of creativeness & are lip-smacking, to say the least.

The lunch menu boasts of creativity as well with a number of unique food items like the Herb Crusted Chicken, Brunch Argentinean “LOMO”, Chicken “TINGAS” Tacos and an abundance of salads, sandwiches & burgers to choose from.

Along with all these novel food items, there’s also a trio of soups & the Grilled Scottish Salmon that you can opt for.

To accompany these delightful food offerings, there’s a long list of beverages (coffee/tea/freshly squeezed juice & more) that are served at Blu Jam, with the most notable being the French Press Coffee, which is a big favorite among the customers here.

Currently, there are a half-dozen of Blu Jam Cafés (including this one) in and around Los Angeles and a couple (Daikanyama & Azabu Juban) in Tokyo, all of them as highly-rated and popular as the Sherman Oaks one, with a decent amount of waiting time guaranteed during peak hours.

Founder and executive chef of Blu Jam Café Kamil Majer believes in the underlying notion that simple and good quality ingredients are enough for creating the best dishes.

He believes that presentation is key to a memorable dining experience and stresses the fact that everything at Blu Jam is fresh & made-to-order, with no freezers present at any of the locations.

With many of the ingredients being organic and if not, of the highest quality possible, Quality over Quantity is the motto of Blu Jam Café and the ensuing result of this is the incredible popularity and huge success of all of the Blu Jam locations.



Image credit: www.7fusionusa.com

Next in line on the list of the 5 most trendy Sherman Oaks restaurants is one of the most innovative and one-of-a-kind restaurants that you would find anywhere in the U.S.

The restaurant goes by the name of 7Fusion, offering predominantly a California cuisine menu with influences from Asian cuisine & the use of Southeastern spices.

7Fusion is anything but ordinary, with the restaurant fusing decorative & culinary ingredients from all of the seven continents of the world for a never-before-seen, exotic experience, essentially taking its guests on a tour to all the parts of the globe.

The guests at 7Fusion can choose from a number of signature dishes & appetizers or can check in to the Nitrogen-Craft Bar for exploring the selection of appealing wines and the latest creations from the 7Fusion team.

Along with this, 7Fusion also has a unique concept called Fresh Bazaar wherein guests are afforded the privilege to design their own dish by opting for their preferred ingredients from an agora of organic, fresh, and exotic vegetables & proteins.

Once the ingredients are selected by the customer, the chefs get down to work, preparing the dish in the least possible amount of time.

Remarkably, the preparation of the dish takes place in the middle of the dining room, thus affording a sight to behold for all the guests.

And to further supplement the uniqueness, the cocktails served at 7Fusion are some of the most enticing (& delicious) ones in all of Sherman Oaks!

QWENCH Juice Bar

Health-conscious eating is on the rise among Americans and with it is the number of juice and smoothie bars cropping up across the U.S.

QWENCH juice bar is one such up-and-coming juice bar with a number of locations growing throughout the United States!

To begin with, QWENCH is simply one of the most trendy juice bar brands with it offering a wide range of unique facets & never-before-seen WOW factors. QWENCH has delicious food & beverages offerings that allow guests to have a unique and memorable experience, getting them to become regulars is in no time.

It is an ambitious and innovative juice bar that follows the highest of norms, greatly valuing fresh ingredients and crisp clean product representation, which is evident in the highly modern store layout and the wide range of never-before-seen store features.

One such feature at QWENCH is a custom built stainless steel vegetable bin, front and center that is 15’-20’ wide, containing all of the fresh fruits and vegetables.

This bin is enhanced by a system that mists the fruits and vegetables every 5 minutes, thus keeping them fresh and crisp.

Along with that, QWENCH also has a groundbreaking, custom designed produce washing system which is kept right next to the point of sale machine.

This strategically positioned unit bathes all of the produce prior to cutting and juicing, and keeps all of the vegetables and fruits clean as it rotates throughout the day!

Thanks to these unique factors, social media shares and selfies are the norm at QWENCH juice bar, with the guests being constantly wowed by the magic happening right in front of their eyes.

As far as the QWENCH menu is concerned, it is as comprehensive as it gets for any juice bar with it consisting of a diverse selection of raw squeezed juices, smoothie blends, handmade Brazilian Superfruit açaí bowls, and an appetizing food program consisting of a selection of burritos and bowls which have been designed keeping in mind the varying tastes of consumers and their vegan or non-vegan preferences.

Another unique feature of QWENCH is that there is absolutely no use of any artificial sweeteners, formulated supplements, powders (except whey and plant-based proteins), frozen yogurts, or concentrates, as opposed to many of the juice bars.

In order to achieve thirst-quenching taste, only raw fruits and vegetables are juiced, with all juices being made-to-order and juiced in front of customers.

The impressive aspect of QWENCH smoothie blends (Vintage blends, Açaí blends, Protein blends, Green blends, Epic blends) is that they are powered up with superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, goji berries, maca, brazil nuts, and many more.

If you are looking for a great meal-replacement option, then the QWENCH açaí bowls are ideal for you as they are the biggest bowls of any juice bar, and also are the best-tasting ones.

The QWENCH food program is packed with grains, superfoods, and protein, thus enabling it to be a highly nutritious and filling breakfast or lunch meal.

And to finish things off, all of the QWENCH foods & beverages are as alluring to the eyes as they are delicious to the mouth, making it one of the best places to eat in Sherman Oaks located at 4550 Van Nuys Blvd Suite C, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

Such a high number of unique & extraordinary aspects makes QWENCH completely exclusive and matchless in the rapidly evolving juice & smoothie bar segment.

Spumoni Restaurant (Italian Restaurant)


Image credit: www.twitter.com/SpumoniSO

If you are looking to indulge in authentic Italian cuisine that will leave you coming back for more, then you need to look no further than the Spumoni Restaurant which is one of the best restaurants on Ventura Blvd when it comes to getting your fix of delizioso Italian food.

Spumoni specializes in the universally popular traditional Italian dishes - pizza & pasta, which is something that you would expect from an Italian restaurant.

There are wide varieties of this highly appetizing pair of dishes for you to indulge in.

Along with the well-known duo, the daily menu also consists of a multitude of salads & sandwiches along with a one-of-a-kind Gnocchi bar.

Gnocchi, if you are not aware of, is an old Florentine recipe comprising of small potato dumplings made with boiled potatoes, flour, and water.

Gnocchi adds a unique feel to the Spumoni menu, with it being absent from the menus of most modern Italian restaurants.

This highly palatable dish can further be made more succulent by opting for your choice of meat or cream sauces to be added to it.

Besides the uniqueness of Gnocchi, Spumoni also has a gluten-free menu in place for tending to people with gluten intolerance.

Along with this eclectic & novel menu, Spumoni also makes you feel at home with its casual & cozy dining environment, pleasant Italian music in the background and the hugely friendly owners and staff members.

All these things considered, Spumoni certainly turns out to be an ideal place for social as well as family functions - that you will fondly remember for years to come.

And if all this was not enough, Spumoni also treats its guests to a complimentary (yummy) dessert!

Le Petit Restaurant (French Restaurant)


Image credit: www.lepetitrestaurant.net

Succeeding a top-notch Italian restaurant is a similarly first-rate French one.

Le Petit Restaurant is one of the finest French restaurants in Sherman Oaks, wherein you can indulge in traditional French recipes having a Californian touch to them.

As is common knowledge - Paris is one of the foremost romantic cities in the world and Le Petit with its high ceilings, candle-lit & linen-covered tables, framed art bedecking the colorful walls, hardwood floors & white curved booths affords the dining experience of a typical bistro situated in a Paris street, making it a great spot for having a romantic date with your significant other.

And to further reinforce this notion, Le Petit offers late night dining, with it being open till 11 pm on Fridays & Saturdays and till 10 pm on other days.

When it comes to the menu, there are a number of delectable dishes (Appetizers/Entrees/Specials/Desserts) for you to choose from, with some of the most popular ones being the Crispy duck, Seafood Paella, and the dark chocolate souffle.

In addition to the Californian touch, Le Petit also offers a number of innovative dishes like the herb-roasted chicken, grilled entrecote, blackened atlantic salmon and more.

Besides all the appetizing & unique food items that are a part of the menu, Le Petit also has a full bar and a comprehensive wine list for people looking to enjoy a glass of fine wine with their meal.