8 Things You Need to Know About Juice Franchising



Slowly but steadily, Americans are mending their unhealthy eating habits and are moving on to better and healthier food options.

And in this challenging transitional phase, they have found juice bars (juices & smoothies) to be their ultimate savior, offering amazing taste with high amounts of nutrients.

These abundant quantities of nutrients which are found in the present-day smoothies and juices are all courtesy of the healthfulness of the constituting ingredients - which are the best of foods that one can consume for their health. This ranges from nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, to exotic superfoods containing insane amounts of various essential nutrients, and more.

American consumers are more than ever on the lookout for ways to staying healthy, disease-free, feeling better and looking great by improving their physique.

And once they feel and experience the awesome feeling that comes with following a healthy diet, their food buying tendencies undergo a significant change.

This increasing awareness and changing of habits has led to a substantial decrease in soda sales in the U.S. and sent shockwaves in the fast-food industry, leading to restaurants offering ‘healthier’ (as compared to their other offerings) options, reducing the amount of salt used in their products and making extensive use of the word ‘healthy’ in their marketing strategies.

A shining example of this unforeseen scenario is the unexpected step of adding Kale to menus, which was initiated by McDonald’s, the largest fast-food chain in the world.

So keeping all these things in mind, here are 8 pivotal elements related to juice franchising that you need to be aware of and take into consideration before investing in a particular juice franchise.

Juice industry is overseeing a rapid growth

With juices and smoothies becoming a big part of the American diet, it is no wonder that the juice industry is growing at a brisk rate.

This is an industry which is primarily dominated by millennials (consumers aged 22 to 36), who have abundant levels of discretionary income and are willing to fork out the high costs that come with the making of complex smoothies made up of a plethora of highly nutritious ingredients like superfoods which are served in juice bars these days.

Teenagers are also responsible for a sizable part of the industry’s business, who though limited by income are attracted by the enticing products and extensive marketing strategies implemented by brands.

Another favorable aspect of the juice and smoothie bars industry that is driving its growth is that it tends to create a loyal base of repeat customers who are fascinated and hooked by the taste, healthfulness, flavor or feel of one or more of the products offered at the juice bar.

And with the number of individuals opting for healthy food alternatives only expected to rise over the upcoming years, the rapid growth of the juice and smoothie bar industry is only expected to rise, making juice franchising a great franchise opportunity for potential investors.

The overall customer experience is decisive

When it comes to a juice bar, the store layout, interior look, decor, lighting, presentation, the complete vibe and feel it emanates, the behavior of staff members, etc. all go a long way in turning first-time customers into regular ones that spread the message about your juice bar among their social circle and also on the internet, which subsequently results in more customers and revenue.

Also with such a large amount of juice bars coming up in recent times, customers have a plethora of options to choose from, so they won’t shy away from forsaking a juice bar if they find even one of the above-mentioned factors unpleasant or not up-to-the-mark.

Customers want to be surprised

With respect to the above-mentioned factors, most customers are expecting something unique and awe-inspiring when they enter a juice bar for the first time.

This puts the onus on the juice bar management to come up with ‘WOW’ factors - something that customers may not have seen or experienced anywhere else before through its menu offerings or via external elements of the store.

If the juice bar succeeds in doing that, then it not only leads to surprised and delighted customers but it also turns the juice bar into a selfie hot spot that is constantly trending on social media, which in this day and age is of great value.

Quality is paramount

The majority of the individuals who frequent juice bars are of the health-conscious type and they only ever expect the highest levels of freshness, hygiene, and cleanliness from the juice bar, as a whole.

Whether it be the ingredients used, the equipment or the overall store, everything needs to be of the highest quality for them to be satisfied and impressed by their experience at the store.

Location is key

As far as the factors that govern the success of a juice bar are concerned, the store location is one of the major ones.

Setting up shop at a high-traffic location which is frequented by millennials, teenagers, gym-goers, etc. would promise a steady flow of customers that will keep your cash registers ringing.

This can be anything from a store in a university campus, in an airport terminal, one near a gym, in a shopping center, etc.

An area with a demographic of people who are into health and fitness is ideal. Fortunately, these type of areas are popping up quickly across America.

Moreover, an added plus would be the absence of any other juice bars in the vicinity.

Thankfully, the best juice franchises usually have a large network of brokers that constantly notify them about potential locations in different markets.

These franchises provide all the necessary help required by their franchise partners in finalizing an appropriate location for their juice bar.

Scope for profitability is high

The current trend in the juice and smoothie bar industry is that individuals are ready to pay up for juices and smoothies if they feel that they are getting value for their bucks.

So as long as franchises and owners are following the highest levels of norms related to juice bars, the revenue and juice bar profit margin is not something that owners need to worry about.

Also, juice bars don’t require a massive amount of space & equipment, and the products can be prepared in a matter of minutes in front of the customers, thereby keeping costs low and maximizing profit in a comparatively smaller amount of space.

Healthfulness and Taste have to be a given

The delectable taste and full-of-nutrition nature along with the convenience they afforded was the main reason behind smoothies and juices becoming popular in the first place.

So juices & smoothies with amazing taste and containing a myriad of healthful ingredients is something that customers take for granted when they enter a juice bar.

Also in recent times, the list of healthful ingredients that are included in smoothies has evolved considerably, with customers expecting smoothies that comprise of a multitude of exotic superfoods like goji berries, brazil nuts, maca, hemp seeds, matcha, and more.

Another thing that customers expect is the highest levels of transparency concerning the preparation of the product that they are going to consume.

Hence they prefer juice bars where juices are made-to-order and juiced in front of the customers, and look to avoid those brands that use artificial sweeteners, formulated supplements, frozen yogurts, or concentrates in their products.

Marketing strategies are crucial

When it comes to juice bars, the marketing strategies have a significant effect on the growth and success of the franchise.

The days of marketing consisting of just a well-designed brochure, fliers, and other printed materials are long gone.

Even though all these offline marketing tactics are still very important and should be a part of a brand’s marketing strategy, their significance has waned in recent times.

Today, marketing a brand or product involves a whole different mechanism that has internet and social media at the heart of it.

This mechanism involves:

  1. Creating an attractive and classy website that reflects the mood of the juice bar and contains all of the info regarding it.

  2. The website should consist of a blog page containing various kinds of articles aimed towards educating customers, providing knowledge about the products, promoting the brand, etc.

  3. A comprehensive social media marketing plan with a focus on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  4. Making effective use of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

  5. Regular product marketing campaigns & new product development offerings.


Juices and smoothies rode the wave of rising health-consciousness among Americans, and have become an integral part of their diet.

This is evident by the fact that more and more juice bars are setting up shop across the U.S., whether it be in malls, college campuses, near gyms or in other suitable locations.

These juice bars are helping meet the needs of the nearby communities while spreading the positive message of healthy eating habits among them.

So if you are interested in opening up your own juice bar by investing in a juice bar franchise, then all you need to do is to take into account all of the above-mentioned factors which are vital to the success of a juice bar and then zero in on a top juice franchise that ticks all these 8 boxes.