Foods & Beverages To Pump You Up - Pre & Post Workout Gyms In Sterling VA



Virginia is for lovers but it is certainly for fitness as well.

According to a 2015 nationwide study reported by TIME, seven of the top 20 counties with the most number of gyms per residents were that from Virginia with the top county being Fairfax City, VA.

With Virginia being one of the top U.S. states with the highest per capita and median household income, it is no surprise that this is the case.

This scenario is also evident in neighboring Sterling where a number of reputed gyms like Planet Fitness Sterling VA located in the Sterling Town Center VA, Olympus Fitness Center, LA Fitness Sterling VA, Gold’s Gym Sterling VA and more are present along with the Claude Moore Recreation Center.

This booming fitness culture and the inclination of the people towards health-conscious foods and juices was taken notice of by QWENCH Juice Bar with a brand new store set up at Epicerie Plaza in Cascades Overlook.

The QWENCH store has a plethora of healthful options for all types of gym goers, ranging from the very beginners to the hardcore ones.

Here are some super nutrient-packed foods & beverages that you can indulge in the Cascades Qwench store to boost your workout experience in a big way.

Pre-Workout Foods & Beverages

The Original


We begin with “The Original” açaí bowl.

Açaí bowls are extremely healthy and full of nutrition with their various ingredients which are as delicious as they are nourishing for the body.

In addition to that, our açaí bowls are the biggest of any juice bar, also the best tasting ones, thus turning out to be a great pre-workout meal.

Our ‘Original’ açaí bowl consists of the antioxidant-rich açaí blend, simple carbs from banana, strawberries & granola for providing the much necessary fuel, coconut water with its essential electrolytes and honey for a natural dose of sweetness.

With just over 500 calories, it is a moderate calorie meal with most of it being carbohydrates, natural sugar, and fiber, providing all the energy and nutrition you need to make a serious difference in the gym.



Our G-Bowl is undeniably one of the best pre-workout foods for you to consume with fresh Greek yogurt in it, in addition to the glut of healthful ingredients.

With around 10 grams of protein per 100 gm serving, greek yogurt is a rich source of protein, & the açaí blend with its high levels of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A, and calcium make for a great combination.

All the other ingredients as well provide significant value with strawberries, banana, and granola providing quick-digesting carbs, almonds with their healthy fats and protein.

Honey acts as the cherry on top adding a heavenly taste to the already scrumptious açaí bowl.

Vegan Strong


This is one of our most creative smoothies made with mangoes, vegetarian protein, orange juice, strawberries, and agave.

This unlikely combination of ingredients surprisingly leads to a highly luscious smoothie with a rich taste and flavor.

It has a creamy color and an exquisite texture, and as the name suggests is very powerful when it comes to providing nutrition.

The scoop of vegetarian protein escalates the protein content of the smoothie to a substantial 24 grams, mangoes provide high amounts of vitamin C along with other vitamins and minerals, strawberries contribute with antioxidants and simple carbs, and orange juice is great for boosting up energy reserves.

Green Giant


Matcha green tea + whey protein makes for an ultimate fat-burning combination that will set your fat reserves on fire!

This smoothie is packed with protein containing a massive 42 grams!

Add to that kale, mango & orange juice and you get high amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential carbs for performing at your peak in the iron paradise.

It's certainly a GIANT when it comes to smoothies designed to enhance your performance in the gym!

Matcha Greens


This is another one of our blends containing the weight-loss stimulating and antioxidant-rich matcha which has an array of health benefits.

It also has banana, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, hemp milk, and honey making for a delectable green blend packed with nutrition.

With pineapple and banana providing vitamin C and carbs, pumpkin seeds supplying the essential omega-3 fats, and hemp milk accounting for the calcium intake, Matcha Greens makes for a fantastic pre-workout smoothie.



Research studies have proven the health benefits of beet juice as a workout booster providing enhanced stamina, greater blood flow, regulation of blood pressure, better muscle pumps, and decreased inflammation.

All these beneficial effects are a result of the abundance of nitrates in beets, which upon entering the body are converted into nitric oxide - a critical compound for proper blood flow and the metabolism.

Along with the effectiveness of beet, this raw juice is also comprised of the ‘superfood’ kale, celery, apple and a dash of lemon to freshen you up for a lively and fruitful workout.

All this nutrition is packed into a drink with just 240 calories!

Post-Workout Foods & Beverages



If you are looking for a vegetarian post-workout meal with the essential nutrients required for a quick recovery along with an amazing lip-smacking taste, then look no further!

Replete with protein and plenty of healthy fats from peanut butter & hemp seeds, the P-Bowl also contains carbs from strawberries, banana and granola.

The açaí and maca supply high levels of antioxidants along with other vitamins and minerals, making for an appetizing and nourishing meal.

The protein content of 19g may come across as a modest quantity as compared to the other foods & beverages mentioned before but the P-Bowl makes up for it by providing significant amounts of other nutrients like essential fats, dietary fiber (52% of DV) and vitamin C (100% of DV).



Clockwork is THE post workout smoothie for you to indulge in after a lung busting workout with substantial amounts of fast-acting carbohydrates, high levels of antioxidants and an impressive protein content of 39 grams.

Whey protein is widely regarded as the ideal post-workout supplement, and we include large amounts (36g) of it in our smoothie to elevate the beneficial effects.

It is blended in with hemp milk, agave, blueberries, and açaí to significantly boost the antioxidant and carbohydrate content along with increasing the amounts of calcium in the smoothie.

All this colossal nutrition adds to the already remarkable taste of this unique and extraordinary smoothie.



Peanut butter is one of the most popular foods among gym goers, containing a good amount of healthy fats, carbohydrates and high levels of protein.

Plus, it’s an extremely tasty, satisfying and versatile option which you can consume in a number of ways before or after a workout.

When coupled with whey protein, it leads to an astonishing 48 grams of protein in a single serving of deliciousness.

Along with protein, quick-digesting carbs for restoring muscle glycogen are provided by the strawberries and banana, while honey lends a savory taste and flavor, culminating in the formation of a mouthwatering protein shake ready for you to relish!


The importance of pre and post workout nutrition cannot be stressed enough.

As is common knowledge, nutrition is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to sculpting your desired physique, but nutrient timing is certainly crucial as well.

The fuel you provide and the timing at which you supply it determines your performance in the gym and the ensuing results afterward.

An effective pre workout meal/beverage equips you in the best possible way to hit the gym hard without suffering from a dip in energy levels, cramps or even an injury.

On the other hand, an ideal post-workout meal/beverage is necessary to refuel depleted muscle glycogen and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

The aforementioned foods & beverages will aid you in doing exactly that with their high levels of nutrients nourishing your body and mind in an optimal manner.

All of them also make for a memorable experience courtesy of their highly palatable and yummy taste.

So if you are looking for a pre or post workout meal in Sterling VA, there is no better place than the QWENCH Juice Bar in Cascades Overlook to get your dose of essential nutrition!

Visit us at 21385 Epicerie Plaza, Sterling, VA 20164.