The QWENCH Juice Bar Franchise - What Makes Us Different?



The growing inclination of people of all ages, especially millennials towards health-conscious eating has led to a rapid rise in juice and smoothie bars across the United States, offering juices, smoothies, and açaí bowls.

Some of these juice brands provide a franchising option, which has caused a rise in the number of franchises available in the market.

QWENCH juice bar is one such franchise among the pack, but that’s where the similarities end, because simply speaking QWENCH is one-of-a-kind.

We will dive into what sets QWENCH apart from other juice bar franchises a bit later in the article but first, let’s introduce you to what QWENCH juice bar is all about.

The ‘QWENCH juice bar’ Brand


QWENCH juice bar is all about amazing taste and pure health, with every QWENCH element. Customer immediately notice a difference when walking in, whether it be the store design, ingredients used, music, or customer service - QWENCH stands out.

We are essentially a new age juice shop with a total commitment to health, promoting our brand to a consumer base that values fresh ingredients and crisp clean product representation.

We at QWENCH like to adhere to the highest levels of norms and constantly look to reinvent ourselves to stay well ahead of the pack.

Our model presents a diverse selection of raw squeezed juices, smoothie blends and handmade Brazilian Superfruit açaí bowls, all of which are as alluring to the eyes as they are delicious to the mouth.

It was time for a better, more efficient and improved model and we delivered it with QWENCH juice bar.

Day-to-Day Operations


Our day-to-day operations are based on the essence of following our commitment to genuine health and amazing taste.

We don’t use any artificial sweeteners, formulated supplements, powders (except whey and plant-based proteins), frozen yogurts, or concentrates.

Instead, we use liquid bases like coconut water, almond milk, hemp milk, freshly squeezed apple juice, freshly squeezed grapefruit, or freshly squeezed orange juice along with fresh greek yogurts.

To achieve thirst-quenching taste we juice raw fruit and vegetables, with all juices being made-to-order and juiced in front of customers.

We don’t mask our blends with sherbets and frozen yogurt, instead, we let the fresh fruit and nutrient dense foods permeate when blended, allowing for a silky texture and an invigorating taste.

We let the natural flavors and taste do all the talking.

Our Offerings


Our offerings consist of a variety of options divided into some of the most epic categories.

To start with, our vintage blends bring back the yesteryears of classic combinations of ingredients leading to the formation of super delicious smoothies which will take you through a tour of the past.

We have some of the most epic blends, ya that’s a category of QWENCH smoothies made from unique and nutritious ingredients (we admit we cheated with Nutella in two blends ) that have never be concocted before.

Then there’s a collection of raw juices, green blends, and shots which are perfect for consumption before or after exercise to improve results.

For gym enthusiasts, we have a range of protein blends for boosting up your performance in the gym or for providing nutrition after an intense workout.

Along with our fantastic açaí bowls, we also have açaí-enriched blends which will scale up your antioxidant intake by a big margin, thus aiding in the reduction of free radicals in your body.

Our blends are powered up with superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, goji berries, maca, brazil nuts, and so much more.

Along with juices, blends, and shots, we also have an appetizing food program which is packed with grains, superfoods, and protein, thus enriching your health whilst satisfying your hunger.

You can enjoy a nutritious and filling breakfast or lunch meal with a selection of burritos and bowls which have been designed to keep in mind the varying tastes of consumers and their vegan or non-vegan preferences.

Also, there's always our one-of-a-kind meal replacement sized acai bowls for you to feast upon.

We absolutely see to it that all QWENCH recipes have been crafted to ensure that taste is not compromised.

QWENCH is a juice bar where health and taste co-exist, we satiate our customers’ taste buds while enhancing their health.

What Makes Us Different?


So now that we have had a thorough idea about what QWENCH juice bar actually stands for and regarding its daily operations and offerings, it is time to answer the most important question, particularly for potential franchisees - what makes QWENCH different from other juice brands?

What is so unique about QWENCH that it's worth investing in?

Here’s the answer.

The WOW Factors


There are multiple WOW factors within the QWENCH framework, which you have never seen and experienced anywhere else before.

For instance, besides our store layout being the most modern, the experience and presentation at QWENCH is extremely unique.


Our goal is to not only serve the best tasting and most nutritious products but also consistently surprise and delight our guests.

We do this by presenting our fresh fruits and vegetables in a 15’-20’ wide custom tailored bin.


This display is front and center and showcases our commitment to freshness and health plus it’s enhanced by a system that mists the product every 5 minutes keeping it fresh and crisp.

Not only does this add a cool market-like vibe but also acts to maintain quality hygiene.

But wait, there’s more! QWENCH has a groundbreaking, custom designed front counter produce washing system which is right next to the point of sale machine.


This strategically positioned unit bathes all of the produce prior to cutting and juicing and keeps all of our vegetables and fruits clean as it rotates throughout the day!

It’s also where any residue dirt gets removed with the agitation of the antimicrobial solution.

Guests are constantly wowed by the magic happening right in front of their eyes.

Social media shares and selfies are the norm at QWENCH juice bar where the WOW FACTORS and overall guest experience of the vibrant and energetic store is ever so present.

There is also the (not so small) small matter of our açaí bowls.



Our açaí bowls are the biggest bowls on the market, also the best-tasting ones.

First-time customers get a twin burst of joy on entering our stores, first on seeing the large size of our açaí bowls and second on experiencing the sheer deliciousness of them.

Training and Support


As a QWENCH juice bar franchise partner, you’ll be joining a collaboration of true franchise professionals who have significant retail and food service experience to provide the finest level of franchise support.

We believe our franchisees are true business partners and we’re committed to them all the way.

We will walk you through the detailed process and work hard to make sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

No stone is left unturned when it comes to paving the way of our franchisees towards a profitable and successful business.

We provide hands-on and relentless training support along with actionable and impactful marketing support.

Our definite long-term plan consisting of concise and decisive business ideas is sure to develop QWENCH juice bar into one of the best franchises in all aspects of franchising.

Some of the support services provided are:

  • Franchise Training Program on all aspects of the QWENCH operating system.

  • HQ and in-store training which covers systems, procedures and the practical understanding of the concepts.

  • QWENCH Operations Manual, which is a detailed operations and reference guide.

  • Multi-unit franchisees receive assistance in strategic planning for their key trade area.

  • Expert site selection criteria, store design and construction guidance.

  • Field support for initial opening and grand opening.

  • Operations, marketing, and support programs.
    • Regular product marketing campaigns.
    • New product development offerings.
    • Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business.

  • Participation in bulk purchasing contracts

  • Our Franchise Disclosure Document, which is provided to qualified franchise prospects on approval of a Preliminary Franchise Application, provides greater details on all these areas.

Site Assistance


We assist our franchise partners in completing the site selection package which is very crucial when it comes to setting up a successful store.

QWENCH tours markets with franchisees and assists in analyzing a site and trade area.

We also have a large network of brokers constantly sending us potential locations in all different markets. In addition, we set up presentations for landlords to show them why they want us as a tenant.



So all those were the number of unique features of QWENCH juice bar which make it completely exclusive and matchless in the rapidly evolving juice & smoothie bar segment.

The combined effect of all these things have had an overwhelmingly positive response from customers & successful and happy franchisees.

We are on our way to becoming one of the most successful juice bars in the States, providing one of the best franchise opportunities across all segments.

So if you are looking for an ambitious and innovative juice bar franchise which is geared up towards long-term growth and success, QWENCH juice bar is the answer!