The Top Healthy Food Franchises



With the continuous rise in health-consciousness among Americans in the last decade or so, consumption of health-promoting food is at an all-time high in the States.

Many restaurant chains in the U.S. have taken advantage of this healthful trend by showcasing their commitment to health through their offerings, the ingredients used, store design, etc. and regardless to say, they have received a great response from the nearby residing communities as well as from travelers.

So let’s have a look at 7 such top healthy food franchises that are operational in the States.

Pita Pit


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We begin with Pita Pit, a quick-service restaurant franchise that is known for serving appetizing pita sandwiches.

Pita Pit was founded by Nelson Lang in 1995 in Canada on the notion that people are looking for a healthy & fresh alternative to fast food.

In 1999, Pita Pit locations first began to come up in the US and since then the number of locations has been growing steadily, expanding the franchise family nationwide.

The atmosphere at Pita Pit stores is fun & casual wherein customers can create their perfect pita amongst the endless flavor combinations of lean meats, toppings, and spreads available.

All the Pita Pit menu items are prepared with freshly baked pita bread (has fewer carbs), lean grilled meats, fresh vegetables, toppings, and spreads.

Along with that, the pitas also come in white and whole wheat with no preservatives and no additives, just all natural, 100% vegan and 100% delicious ingredients.

Furthermore, If you’re not in the mood of having a pita, then you can get any of the pita options in the form of a delectable salad!

Veggie Grill


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A fast-casual vegan restaurant chain that operates in California, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois - Veggie Grill focuses on offering only plant-based food, with no meat, dairy, eggs, cholesterol, animal fat or trans fat.

The first restaurant was opened in 2006 in Irvine, California and as of February 2018, there are 29 restaurants in operation.

Veggie Grill serves burgers primarily made of pea protein, while its "chicken" sandwiches contain soy, pea, and wheat protein.

To put it simply, Veggie Grill brings plant-based food to the center of the plate and it is ideal for people who love feel-good food that celebrates the veggie, the fruit, the grain, and the nut.

Just indulge in the mouthwatering chef-driven vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as the fresh, seasonal menu without any guilt!

Corner Bakery Cafe


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Next up is Corner Bakery Cafe, an American chain of cafes that specialize in breads, breakfast dishes, gourmet sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, pastries, and pasta.

For Corner Bakery Cafe, it all began in a small neighborhood bakery on a corner in downtown Chicago wherein inspired by great fresh ingredients, the bakery began creating and offering artisan breads and freshly baked sweets as part of its menu.

Buoyed by the success of these food items and in keeping with the increasing demand - healthful food items like sandwiches, homemade soups & salads, and made-to-order scramblers were further added to the menu.

Today, Corner Bakery Cafe continues to fulfill the needs & desires of the nearby residing communities with its ingredient-inspired, prepared-to-order food made with the freshest of ingredients.

When you visit a Corner Bakery Cafe store, you will see real kitchens in place of assembly lines.

You’ll hear the chopping of over 40 types of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, and the sizzle of the panini grill and you’ll see the stove’s open flame and feel the warmth from the ovens which are essentially working all day long.



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Now onto a fast-casual restaurant franchise that serves made-to-order entrée salads, wraps, soups, and sandwiches, Saladworks specializes in customizable salads that are made with fresh ingredients.

The menu offerings are quite simply a healthy alternative to fast food fare.

Saladworks has been making salads from over thirty years ago - when salads weren’t as commonplace and popular as they are today.

The people behind Saladworks firmly believe in the concept that a salad is only as good as where it comes from.

Keeping that in mind, ingredients are sourced from the best growers for a naturally better taste.

From the kale to carrots to quinoa, the Saladworks menu and overall promise are as fresh as it gets!

Qwench Juice Bar

A new age juice shop with a total commitment to health, Qwench Juice Bar has been promoting its brand to a consumer base that values fresh ingredients and crisp clean product representation.

The Qwench model presents a diverse selection of raw squeezed juices, smoothie blends, and handmade Brazilian Superfruit açaí bowls, all of which are as alluring to the eyes as they are delicious to the mouth.

In order to achieve thirst-quenching taste, raw fruits and vegetables are juiced at Qwench, with all juices being made-to-order and juiced in front of the customers.

None of the Qwench blends are masked with sherbets and frozen yogurt, instead, the Qwench staff members let the fresh fruit and nutrient dense foods permeate when blended, allowing for a silky texture and an invigorating taste.

Simply put, natural flavors and taste do all the talking in the juices and blends offered at Qwench.

All the fresh fruits and vegetables at Qwench are kept in a 15’-20’ wide custom tailored bin.

This display is front and center and showcases Qwench’s commitment to freshness and health, plus it’s enhanced by a system that mists the fruits and vegetables every 5 minutes, keeping them fresh and crisp.

Not only does this add a cool market-like vibe to the Qwench stores but it also acts to maintain quality hygiene.

Besides that, Qwench also has a groundbreaking, custom designed front counter produce washing system which is right next to the point of sale machine.

This strategically positioned unit bathes all of the produce prior to cutting & juicing and keeps all of the vegetables and fruits clean as it rotates throughout the day!

It’s also where any residue dirt gets removed with the agitation of the antimicrobial solution.

To put it simply, QWENCH is a juice bar where health and taste co-exist!

Qwench satiates its customers’ taste buds while enhancing their health.

UFood Grill


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Another fast-casual restaurant franchise - UFood Grill is essentially a healthy fast food franchise as it specializes in cuisine that contains “better-for-you” versions of traditional fast food favorites.

All the meals at UFood Grill are baked, steamed, or grilled – never fried! - and made-to-order within minutes.

Offerings include healthy, low-fat dishes made with natural and organic ingredients, fresh produce, whole grains, and light cheeses and dressings.

With a sleek, inviting design and setting that serves fresh & appetizing food fast, UFood Grill is meeting the current and increasing demand from its customers.

UFood’s slogan is “Feel great, Eat smart” and its menu consists of fresh, grilled, low-calorie options as well as under 700 calories, and 950mg of sodium.

Additionally, there is also a customizable menu with Better-For-U food that can meet all dietary needs and restrictions.

Teriyaki Grill


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As the name suggests, Teriyaki Grill is a restaurant chain that specializes in Asian inspired dishes made with fresh, healthy ingredients.

The menu consists of fresh, grilled chicken, steak and shrimp marinated in the special Teriyaki Sauce, then char-broiled and served hot off the grill with the customer’s choice of steamed rice or noodles.

At Teriyaki Grill, the food is prepared fresh with only the highest quality ingredients.

From the teriyaki rice bowl, salad to the teriyaki noodle bowl, everything is made fresh to order.

The famous Teriyaki Sauce, along with the marinades and dressings, are all made in-house from their own special recipe.

Only the freshest, highest quality cuts of boneless, skinless chicken and USDA sirloin steak are found in the grill at all of the Teriyaki Grill locations.

In addition to that, there are also many fresh vegetarian meals to choose from and any of the menu items can also be modified to fit personal taste.

Simply put, Teriyaki Grill offers a fresh, healthy menu that provides customers with one of the most affordable, guilt-free dining experience ever, leaving them satisfied and happy.

It is quite simply the ultimate grilling experience!