Why You Should Consider Investing In A Juice and Smoothie Franchise



It is a universal fact that the American food culture is riddled with junk foods of all sorts that are clearly for the majority of the American people.

Pizza, Donuts, French fries, Burgers, Fried chicken, Soda, Chips, Ice cream, Nachos, the list goes on and on, and to keep things in perspective, these are just some of the most notable ones.

The number of junk foods and the massive proportions in which they are devoured across the United States is one that borders madness.

Just take into account the sheer number of ‘National Food Days’ that are celebrated in the States.

Maybe you don’t need to do all that research after all, just get on the “List of food days” page on Wikipedia and have a look.

You will come across the fact that the United States has 175 days related to awareness of specific foods or drinks.

Unsurprisingly, most of these ‘specific foods or drinks’ are of the junk varieties ranging from ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’ day, ‘National Junk Food Day’ to ‘National Pizza Day’, ‘National Pizza Party Day’, ‘National Cheese Pizza Day’, ‘National Pepperoni Pizza Day’, ‘National Sausage Pizza Day’ and the ‘National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day’. Sure, these are pure marketing plays by the industry and some are just comical but there is something to be said about all these ‘fake’ food days.

If you think that’s the case everywhere across the globe, then check this out: The next nation with the most food days is the United Kingdom which comprises of 4 countries (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and has 6 food days.

I think the above-mentioned info should be more than enough for you to have a more-than-clear idea as to why obesity has basically become an epidemic in the U.S.

But as the saying goes,“Every dark cloud has a silver lining”.

And this enormous dark cloud, that is the junk-eating habits of Americans, also has a silver lining in the form of the recent rise in health consciousness.

Since the last decade or so, health is something that Americans have started taking a bit more seriously than before.

They are curbing their junk-eating ways and are looking for healthier alternatives.

It has come to be that two of the most popular and preferred “healthier alternatives” that Americans have become fond of and look forward to consuming are smoothies and juices.

The rise of smoothies and juices

Americans making the shift from junk foods to healthier alternatives are looking for options that are both appetizing and convenient to obtain.

Smoothies and juices are one of the few commodities that tick all these select boxes and are thus a great junk-food alternative that has become extremely popular in the last few years.

This has been the prime reason behind smoothies and juices being one of the most rapidly growing segments in the U.S. beverage industry.

The industry has overseen a massive rise in the number of franchises coming up in the past few years.

Moving back to smoothies, they have been here for a long time, with the ingredients utilized for their preparation used to being largely fruit-based.

But in recent times, this situation has changed completely with a wide range of varied and exotic foods that are brimming with nutrients.

These foods include vegetables, nuts, seeds, superfoods, dairy products, various types of yogurt, plant-based milks, etc.

The ensuing result has been the massive escalation in the quantities of nutrients contained in these smoothies/blends, which has led to them turning into a great meal replacement option that besides being delicious and flavorful also provides wholesome nutrition. Thus, equipping people with high energy levels and keeping them satiated and free of cravings for a substantial amount of time.

Additionally, these glassfuls of goodness are highly portable and also help people meet their daily required intake of vegetables and fruits in a favorable manner.

Juice and Smoothie bars industry is growing and evolving

The only way for the smoothie and juice bars industry is up, with revenue only expected to rise as more and more consumers lean towards healthier eating choices.

Also with the huge scope for improvement in terms of product offerings and in other areas like marketing, there’s no looking back.

Millennials are leading the way

Millennials are the leading demographic when it comes to opting for health-conscious food options like smoothies, juices, açaí bowls and more.

Millennials are known for their ever-present nature on social media platforms and they make it a point to flaunt their healthy food choices by sharing images of themselves drinking smoothies, juices, shots, gorging on enticing açaí bowls and more.

This leads to a domino effect, causing more and more people to ditch their junk-eating ways and electing for freshly made juices, smoothies and superfood bowls.

To put it simply, millennials have made the consumption of these highly nutritious foods a priority, which has significantly contributed to the tremendous rise in juice and smoothie bars coming up across the U.S.

People with active lifestyles swear on smoothies

Individuals following healthy active lifestyles have made smoothies and juices an integral part of their diet.

Whether it be after jogging, a yoga session or an intense workout in the gym, individuals are opting for smoothies, juices, superfood bowls and shots for fueling up their body.

Not only are juices and smoothies high on essential nutrients, but they also have a lot of varieties.

For instance, one of the popular varieties among smoothies are high-protein smoothies, which have lofty amounts of protein in them courtesy of the addition of various types of protein powders like whey, casein, soy, plant-based and more.

These protein blends are the go-to option for individuals looking to gain the necessary nutrition before or after a gym workout.

Then there are juices with detoxifying properties that help people reduce the toxins present in their body.

To put it straight, there are infinite possibilities in regards to the creation of smoothies and juices.

Thus, the concoction of the right ingredients results in a fresh juice and smoothie fulfilling your specific nutrition needs, which has led to them being a preferred food option among individuals following active lifestyles.

Benefits of being a juice and smoothie franchise owner


  1. The smoothie and juice bars industry is not as saturated as other U.S. industries like fast food. Hence, in the absence of robust competition, there is a great opportunity for an upcoming juice franchise to be successful and to create a foothold in the industry.

  2. Being a juice and smoothie franchise owner comes with a lot of perks, with one of it being the proud feeling and sense of satisfaction that you get from serving guests and people of your community with healthy full-of-nutrition food options.

  3. It is common knowledge that a person’s surrounding environment has a significant influence on the way he or she thinks and acts, and this is true in this case as well, with the healthy vibe that you transmit through your products and store having a positive effect on your actions, leading to you becoming a healthy eater and taking extra care of your physique and overall health - you being the face and flag-bearer of your business.

  4. As discussed before, there are infinite possibilities as far as the creation of smoothies is concerned, thus affording a lot of room for creativity in relation to product offerings. Also thanks to this positive trait, there is huge potential for diverse marketing strategies that can be implemented to boost up sales.

  5. Besides juices and smoothies, there are also other revenue sources that ensure the profitability of a smoothie franchise with superfood bowls and a food program being the most prominent ones. Açaí bowls, for example, are a great nutritious meal replacement option that is immensely popular among Americans and is a part of the menu of most smoothie and juice bars in the U.S. Also, few of the franchises also offer a food program that consists of breakfast and lunch bowls, burritos, etc.


Summarizing all the above factors, it is quite clear that the smoothie and juice bars industry is growing at an amazing rate, with still a lot of scope for improvement.

And with more and more individuals incorporating healthy-eating habits into their lifestyle, health-conscious eating is only going to rise over the coming years, making this already-booming industry the place to be if you are one of those looking to invest in a franchise.

All you need to do is to delve into the juice franchise opportunities that are available in the U.S. market, carry out ample amount of research on the best juice franchises and then zero in on a first-rate franchise that will provide you with all the requisite ingredients, and one that will support and guide you on your way to a profitable and successful business venture!