We’re living through some challenging times, and with the volume of information flooding the media it’s important that we stay strong. We’re dealing with a global pandemic and our hearts go out to all that have been affected around the world. During uncertain times like these, we feel it’s only right to share the measure and precautions we are taking to comply with the state orders but to protect our customers and employees.
Many QWENCH customers visit our stores as a part of their healthy routines and we will continue to support our communities! It’s essential to continue to boost your immune system during times like these. We’re keeping many of our stores open for carry-out only and we’ve partnered with Doordash, UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates to complete delivery orders.

It goes without saying that food and employees safety has always been a top priority and always will. We’re actively reminding team members to take extra precautions, be more mindful, as well as increasing our sanitization efforts. We’re constantly wiping down areas, such as counters, walls, booths, etc. Any employee that is not feeling well (experiencing any flu-like symptoms at all) is required to stay home. We will continue to follow the best practices provided by the CDC, WHO, and FDA.

Precautions in Place
We are making sure all of our guests to maintain a distance of 6 feet if they do plan on carrying out. Also, we will consider temporary store closures, if events clearly indicate it is in the best interest of our customers and team members. We will monitor updates as we overcome these challenges together.

We’re all dealing with this one day at a time and we at QWENCH believe are confident this will not only bring us closer together but we will come back stronger than ever!

- The QWENCH juice bar Team