QWENCH juice bar launches New Flavors for a New Year, takes El Niño head on


QWENCH juice bar is celebrating a “new year, new you, new look and new flavors”. It’s a consumer’s re(in)vention of sorts with a bit of a play on words while featuring the Revention, part of the Epic Blends category of incredible tasting smoothie blends with the function of powerful superfoods like Maca, Goji Berries and Brazil Nuts.

Other new menu items include Green Giant Protein Blend with a vibrant taste combining the flavors of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Mango, Pineapple and a hint of Matcha Green Tea and a new Turmeric Lime Shot offering up a packed punch of raw, squeezed Turmeric Juice combined with a fresh squeeze of Lime. A new Mango Blend has also been added to the menu lineup with a hint of coconut and the silky texture of Greek Yogurt.

Adding to the popularity of our Acai (ah-sah-EE) line up of popular bowls and blends is a brand new selection called Recoil that has a remarkable flavor of premium Açaí and Grapefruit with a bit of Raspberry. This particular blend of ours is extremely high in antioxidants and omega fats and offers over 250% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C!

An added highlight of thiscampaign is a reference to the region’s upcoming weather pattern, El Niño with the very popular Spinach Greens fresh blend, so incredibly powerful with vitamins and nutrients with the ability to weather any storm.

Qwench juice bar is an innovative and evolutionary response to an emergent food trend focused on fresh ingredients, natural tastes and flavors, elevated nutrition, and powerful superfoods.

The vision at QWENCH juice bar is simple – make genuine health and incredible taste live in perfect balance by offering a diverse selection of raw squeezed juices, smoothie blends and handmade Brazilian Super fruit Açaí.

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