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One of the most popular food spots in the whole of Downtown LA, Eggslut guarantees long lines and a decent amount of waiting time before you actually get to enjoy the wide variety of scrumptious and mouth-watering egg-inspired dishes on offer.

Founded in 2011 by chef Alvin Cailan, Eggslut located in the Grand Central Market is basically a chef-driven, gourmet food concept which is inspired by a true love for eggs.

The menu is an amalgamation of comfort and inventiveness, celebrating food that interests both foodies and not-so-food-loving people by way of classic comfort fare with a twist, all comprising the main ingredient – eggs.

The goal of the people at Eggslut is to provide one of the best breakfast experiences & share their food with everyone and they do this by ensuring that the quality and taste of their food is first-rate, besides focusing on consistent presentation and top-notch customer service.

Their biggest success lies in the fact that they have managed to destroy the notion of eggs just being a breakfast food by making eggs feel delectable all day, every day.

The people at Eggslut undertake special efforts to ensure that when customers dine at Eggslut, it turns out to be a memorable experience for them, not just a meal.

They make it a point to offer fresh and quality products which are cooked-to-order in the restaurant.

This immensely popular concept actually has its roots in a food truck which roamed the streets of Los Angeles, ultimately turning into a food stall which opened its doors for people in November 2013.

Simply Salad


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One of the most sought-after health-promoting Los Angeles restaurants, Simply Salad is geared up towards fixing the salad experience of yesteryears by offering this healthful dish in a convenient, generous and cost-efficient way for the common person to enjoy.

Established in 2010 by friends Bruce Teichman and Cameron Lewis, the downtown LA location is the original one out of the 6 current locations.

The aformentioned duo were on a quest to make healthy food affordable and convenient for the average person to consume after encountering the small and expensive salads being served at food establishments.

And they managed to succeed in doing just that through Simply Salad, which has the most inexpensive healthy options in its segment.

Simply Salad caters for any occasion and you have the freedom to customize anything on the menu.

Quite simply, Simply Salad has become everyone’s reason to always eat healthy in downtown LA.

Cento Pasta Bar


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Helmed by Executive Chef Avner Lavi, Cento Pasta Bar is a lunch-only pop-up restaurant located inside the Mignon wine bar in downtown LA.

It came into existence as a result of Avner’s desire to share his experiences with the people around him via cooking.

Avner takes care of all the aspects of the kitchen at Cento, right from menu design to development.

He ushers in his philosophy of thoughtful, seasonal ingredients to each and every dish, which is supplemented by an element of fun.

The concept is quite simple – offer great food at inexpensive prices.

The meals at Cento have proven to be one of the most Instagrammed meals in the city.

You can order some delicious pasta/gnocchi or feast on the amazing uni pasta, which is a special that runs out early the majority of the times.

Working hours run from Wednesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Despite being open for just 4 days and such limited working hours, Cento makes the cut for this list courtesy of offering arguably the best pasta in the whole of downtown LA.

Cento is particularly a great spot for a solo lunch, as the counter is small and you’ll get to freely converse with the chef and get his suggestions on what you should be ordering for the day.

Qwench Juice Bar

Qwench Juice Bar, a rapidly-growing juice bar in the States with a total commitment to health recently opened a swanky new store in downtown LA.

And it has managed to do exceedingly well in the short time since its opening by establishing a loyal customer base consisting of people who are heavily impressed by the enticing, health-enriching and equally delicious food & beverage options on offer.

Qwench doesn’t make any use of artificial sweeteners, formulated supplements, powders (except whey and plant-based proteins), frozen yogurts, or concentrates.

Instead, only raw fruits & vegetables are juiced and all juices are made-to-order and juiced right in front of the customer.

Qwench has one of the most exhaustive menus of any juice bar with it consisting of a wide range of raw squeezed juices, smoothie blends, handmade Brazilian Superfruit açaí bowls, and a mouthwatering food program comprising a selection of burritos and bowls which have been designed keeping in mind the differing tastes of consumers and their vegan or non-vegan preferences.

The remarkable aspect of QWENCH smoothie blends (Vintage blends, Açaí blends, Protein blends, Green blends, Epic blends) is that they are powered up with superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, goji berries, maca, brazil nuts, and more.

If you are looking for a great meal replacement option, then the QWENCH açaí bowls are ideal for you as they are the biggest bowls of any juice bar, and also are the best-tasting ones.

The QWENCH food program is packed with grains, superfoods, and protein, thus enabling it to be a highly nutritious and filling breakfast or lunch meal.

By making use of fresh ingredients and following the highest possible norms, Qwench has gone from strength-to-strength since its inception and has carved out its own space in the rapidly-growing juice and smoothie bars industry.

Whether it be the store design, music, ingredients used, or customer service, every Qwench element is of an exceptional nature and that has played a key part in the downtown LA store becoming one of the most healthy and fun restaurants in downtown LA.

The NoMad Restaurant


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Buoyed by the success of the renowned NoMad hotel in New York, Chef Daniel Humm and Restaurateur Will Guidara came up with their first restaurant located outside of NYC.

They have essentially reimagined their vision of dining with this grand hotel in downtown L.A.

The NoMad’s sunlit, casually-elegant restaurant and bar are located on the ground floor of the hotel. It sits beneath the building’s original, 1920s blue and gold Italianate ceiling which has been meticulously restored to its full grandeur.

The restaurant is wholly inspired by local ingredients and the vibrant culture & traditions of Los Angeles.

The cuisine and hospitality at the NoMad are of the very highest level and the restaurant feels like an inviting space for dining throughout the day and evening.

Reservations can be done for daily breakfast, lunch, dinner & weekend brunch and a few tables are set aside for walk-ins throughout the day.

To put it simply, the NoMad restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles and is sure to afford you with one of the classiest and finest dining experiences.

Sushi Gen


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Similar to Eggslut, another restaurant in Los Angeles that is sure to make you wait for a good amount of time before you actually get to relish the food is Sushi Gen.

Sushi Gen is basically a strip mall joint in Little Tokyo which sees long lines down the block every day before it even opens.

And almost all of these people who have no qualms waiting in long lines are there to relish just one thing, that is the sashimi platter.

Consisting of soup, salad, and over nine huge cuts of premium fish, this $19 plate is one of the very best food deals you can get anywhere in downtown LA and it is so popular that you have to sit in a certain area of the restaurant for getting it.

Besides the sashimi platter, the omakase is another savory dish that you should definitely try.

Boasting of some of the freshest fish in town, Sushi Gen has a lineup of serious sushi chefs who slice up no-frills nigiri and sashimi.

It is arguably the best sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo, with great lunch and dinner combo options for you to revel in.



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Another highly popular restaurant where landing a reservation is as difficult as it gets, Majordomo is a modern Korean restaurant helmed by the people behind the hugely popular Momofuku in NYC.

This David Chang eatery located on a quiet stretch of northern Chinatown has garnered a massive fan-following within less than a year of its opening.

It is quite simply one of the busiest restaurants in all of downtown LA

The service at Majordomo doesn’t resemble that of a newly opened spot and the food items available for consumption are unique to anything else you can get in downtown LA.

The menu largely comprises of easy-to-share plates, from rich bing bread to Korean-style skate wing rice and more.

As I said before, getting a reservation at Majordomo is quite a tough task but if you happen to get one, make sure to go with a good amount of people as the very best dishes on the menu like the spicy pork shoulder are not something that one or two people can consume. These sought-after food dishes feed 4-6 people.

One of the best restaurants in downtown Los Angeles, Majordomo is bound to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable experience!