Why Qwench?



20 years ago, Thomas Nariman, founder of QWENCH, first entered the franchise world. Since then he’s operated 7 different food and beverage concepts from Johnny Rockets to Pinkberry. After opening 40 locations and learning the good, the bad, and the ugly in franchising he decided to launch his very own concept! In 2014, QWENCH was born with the goal to disrupt the juice bar, franchise model.

With the rise and growth of health-consciousness, Thomas saw the opportunity to take his experience and create a juice bar with a more forward-thinking approach. QWENCH #1 goal is to make genuine health and incredible taste live in perfect balance. Crafting the perfect recipe and maintaining the discipline to honor health is the heartbeat of QWENCH juice bar.


Thomas Nariman
Founder & CEO

Boris Horvat
VP of Operations


Our operations team is built to be hands-on with franchisees! We spend two weeks training franchisees in Hollywood, CA, and spend at least one week training staff at the franchisee’s location. Our in-depth program helps franchisees understand day-to-day operations including customer service, overseeing cost of goods, labor, hiring, and maintaining equipment.

When it comes to operations, we’re very serious about supporting our franchisees. We want to ensure a comfortable store environment for both our partners and their customers. Our training team will be available for ongoing support and new product introductions. Quarterly franchise meetings allow franchisees to get updated on new products, training, and new programs.

Our mission is to ensure franchisees can operate their stores to a high standard, preparing drinks and food that will reflect an exceptional customer experience.

QWENCH’s marketing is designed to be hyper-focused on the local trade area. Our marketing team works hand-in-hand with franchisees in developing Grand Opening campaigns, so that the neighborhood immediately feels the presence of the newest juice bar shop in town!

To drive traffic to the stores we direct our efforts in guiding you to implement a variety of marketing tactics and the development of a Local Store Marketing plan which includes proven tactics such as on-site sampling, direct mail campaigns, bounce back coupons, loyalty programs and more. However, we’re different than most QSR franchise organizations. We’re investing major efforts into modern marketing tactics such as geo-focused content marketing in the form of blogging and of course taking advantage of the wide but targeted reach social media has on all platforms. Bottom line, a well-executed marketing plan added to our ongoing LTO and product offerings and continued support equals a successful QWENCH.


To say the future is bright would be an understatement. QWENCH is a growing franchise built for long-term growth. We invest great efforts into research and development, making sure we’re way ahead of the curve. Our goal is to constantly re-invent ourselves as leaders in the specialty juice and health space. We’re consistently in the lab testing new products forecasting the next big hit! This culture carries to our marketing strategies and operations support. The latest technologies are always tested at a corporate level, ensuring added value to be implemented across the system.

📈 Our stellar growth! We’re in 2 Countries, and 8 States/Regions.

🧠 We have a forward-thinking mindset with major focus on future trends.

⚖️ We’re committed to serving the perfect balance between health and taste.

🤲 Our hands-on approach and relentless training support.

📱 Qwench’s actionable and impactful marketing support.

🥰 Our obssession with customer experience and store design.


Initial franchise fee $40,000 $40,000
Architect, engineer and
other design professionals
$4,000 $9,000
Expenses while training $300 $7,000
Acquisition of real estate/
deposits and initial rent
$4,000 $20,000
Construction $83,000 $218,500
Furnishings $3,500 $18,000
Equipment $67,000 $118,600
Inventory $7,000 $10,000
Utility deposits and fees $1,000 $2,400
Business license $300 $600
Insurance $2,000 $3,000
Grand Opening $1,000 $3,000
Uniforms $200 $1,000
Office expenses $200 $600
Point of sale system $11,000 $12,000
Telephone $150 $300
Signange $7,500 $8,500
Legal and accounting $1,000 $3,000
Additional Funds – 3 months $20,000 $40,000
TOTAL $253,150 $515,500


💰 Minimum $150,000 in Liquid Capital, $500,000 in Tangible Net Worth.

📍 Knowledge of trade area in which your location will operate. Community ties are always helpful.

🍴 Preferably have at least two years restaurants owner/ operator experience.

❤️‍🔥 Passion for the business with values aligned with Qwench juice bar.

🤔 Marketing-minded or open to learning strategic marketing methods to foster a successful business.

💞 Creating an emotional connection with your staff and customers. This is arguably the most important.

“Wow factors” and firsts in the field include a giant “misted” vegetable and fruit display and the front counter position of a produce washer that “bathes” the product prior to cutting and juicing. Crafting the perfect recipes and maintaining the discipline to honor health is the heartbeat of Qwench juice bar.


Built-in Operational System:

All the tools are in place for you to operate your business effectively.

R & D

We’re in tune with the industry, constantly identifying the newest and hottest trends.

On-going Support

From the day you start your business to everyday thereafter we are always providing you support from operations, training and marketing.

Proven Model

QWENCH juice bar’s current operating locations demonstrate that model works! Our franchise partners continue to enjoy success from a brand perfectly positioned for today’s healthy beverage space.